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Select one or more PDF, XPS or OXPS documents to start. A sharp “virtual view” of your new document and a feature-packed tool set make things easy from the get-go! Whether you’re annotating on the move with your Surface Pro and pen or organizing that vital investment paper on your PC, the professionally developed and rigorously tested PDF Binder Pro delivers a feature-rich experience.


Want to combine multiple PDF, XPS or OXPS documents? Your chosen documents are merged into a new virtual document in the desired order -- ready for viewing in the advanced PDF viewer (or saved directly to your device using the quick merge feature).


Want to create a new PDF from existing documents? Combine the Merge and Split functionality to extract pages from multiple documents into a brand new PDF. You can also split your page selection as images (PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF) with a customizable background color.


Want to quickly delete, move or rotate pages? Use the advanced viewer feature to delete pages one by one or in bulk. Easily move pages using simple up and down buttons, drag and drop or the page actions menu for bulk operations. The handy rotate function will ensure that all pages are displayed correctly.


Want to collaborate by adding comments and drawings? Annotate PDFs using the feature-rich markup toolkit. Use the freehand tool to add handwritten comments and drawings -- or use the shape tools (line, rectangle, ellipse) to highlight key areas of your document in a variety of colors and styles. Don’t worry if your handwriting is more like “chicken scratch”: The text tool allows for neat, precise keyboard input! … a

and More!

» View and navigate PDF, XPS and OXPS documents with zooming, panning, thumbnail view, and a page organizer; easily jump to a specific page or select multiple pages.
» Open and save password-protected PDFs.
» Convert XPS and OXPS documents to PDF
» View, add and remove bookmarks.
» Consult the user guide -- complete with step-by-step instructions to ensure you’ll be editing your PDFs like a pro within minutes!

Our support team is ready to assist with any queries, feedback and feature requests.



  • Create new PDF s from existing PDF / XPS documents
  • Add PDF / XPS to an existing PDF document


  • Extract selected pages to one or more new PDFs
  • Extract selected pages to image format (PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF)


  • Move, delete, extract and rotate pages
  • View, add and remove bookmarks

Annotate [perfect with your pen, touch or mouse=

  • Highlight content with lines, rectangles and circles
  • Add structured notes with keyboard input
  • Format annotations with a varierty of styling options


  • Print one or more pages from your newly created PDF with ease


  • Open password protected / encrypted documents
  • Remove password protection / encryption
  • Password protect / encrypt documents


  • A comprehensive user guide is provided and our highly skilled support team are happy to assist with any questions you may have.